Alaska’s congressional delegation on Syria:

Sen Lisa Murkowski: “Sen. Murkowski is extremely concerned about the attacks that killed over 1,400 Syrians and the United States sending a signal to other dangerous nations like Iran and North Korea that breaking global laws has no consequences. When President Obama announced he will seek Congressional authorization for a strike, Murkowski was listening for a clear path forward, some real conviction to where he is going, but heard continued mixed signals from the administration,” according to an announcement from her office Tuesday morning.


Sen. Mark Begich: “As I have said before, there is simply no justification to use chemical weapons against fellow humans. And that is why I remain hopeful that we can see a unified, international response to al-Hassad and his regime. I am pleased to see President Obama seeking congressional approval before employing military force and hope that Congress will engage in a thoughtful discussion as we work towards building some level of consensus in our nation on this issue,” said Begich on Saturday. Begich said his support has several requirements, including “any military option must be immediate and in short duration to address the alleged use of chemical weapons. As I have said, I do not want any American boots-on-the ground in Syria and we must clearly understand any and all risks that action could cause to the United States and its citizens.”  


Congressman Don Young: The Associated Press has reported that a spokesman says U.S. Rep. Don Young is opposed to any sort of U.S. military intervention in Syria at this time. “Michael Anderson says Young is still in Alaska and has not received any classified briefings on the issues. He declined to speculate on whether Young might change his mind once he learns more.

“Anderson says Americans are sick and tired of war, and it isn’t the United States’ place to intervene in a civil war,” The Associated Press reported Wednesday.