All of us can help make a difference

I often hear how this “whack a mole” world is simply overwhelming and I completely understand and relate. There is so much to do and, as one person, with limited time and resources, it often feels like we are but a drop in an ocean. There are, however, a couple of simple things that we all can do to stand against the overwhelming political and corporate machine that seems to be coming at us at times like a tsunami.

First, subscribe and/or donate to publications that will fight ferociously for the protection of the First Amendment as well as your local newspaper. Secondly, as Alaska struggles with an ongoing economic crisis, all our local businesses, organizations and institutions need all the help they can get. Volunteer, advocate and do what you can to keep dollars local. Amazon doesn’t need your money and won’t care if you don’t patronize their business. If it costs ten bucks more at a local store and you can afford it, do it. Local businesses are, for the most part, your friends and neighbors, the sponsors and supporters of your communities and they spend their dollars back in your community.

As the holiday season approaches, let’s do what we can to support each other.

Jim Stearns