Americans treated as experiment

Food products that contain genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are not labeled. This is not a good way to be honest with the consumers. Many people are beginning to dislike GMOs, and I’m one of them. Many families are starting to avoid them completely. Being born in the 1990s, I am concerned with what I have been fed all my life. Labeling GMOs is a small price to pay considering all the product boxes or containers are usually colorful. Without labeling GMOs, many people have no idea what they are eating. Knowledge is power, with knowledge of GMOs many people with allergies could continue to eat more safely and healthy.
Studies show GMOs begin to destroy vital gut germs in the lower intestines, fertility and overall body mass. After studying the effects on mice in more detail, many scientists have come to the conclusion the ingestion of GMOs could be very deadly. It begins to make the American people question how the influence of these chemicals has changed lifestyles and people’s choices.
In Europe many GMO-related products are illegal and banned from production, due to the toxicity and side effects. The American population is being treated as a science experiment to improve corporate production and sale of GMOs.
I believe we need to raise awareness on how dangerous these chemically altered foods can be.
Tommy Sheldon III