Anchor Point honors residents for their service

Anchor Point Fire and Emergency Medical Services honored community members with Years of Service Awards at the annual training and awards banquet May 7. The event’s theme, “Honoring the Past,” focused on those who dedicated and sacrificed many years of their time to serve the citizens and visitors of the Anchor Point Area.

Award recipients

• One to five years: Ethan Veldstra, Clancy McClaren, Samantha Cunningham, Shana Loshbaugh, Chelsea Marsh, Jake Kemnitz, Doug Loshbaugh, Jim Dycus, Conrad Woodhead, Dawson Slaughter, Richard Ginter and Tammy Taylor

Five to ten years: Jon Marsh, Vivian Norenberg, Bob Picard, Dave Matthews, Sandra Dress, Robert Gaedecke and Steve Veldstra

• Ten to fifteen years: Jeri Trail, Jeran Marchbanks, Kim Alexander, Cassie Parkinson, Jolayne Soplanda, Kayt Andrews, Lydia Brown, June Picard, Mary Calhoun, Matt Trail, Jim Dress, Cindy Munsell and Dan Dorvall

• Fifteen to twenty years: Dan Mumey, Fritz Elefritz and Brandon Rider

• Twenty to twenty-five years: Greg Shannon and Joe Kent

• More than twenty-five years: Maureen Tracy, Bob Craig, Robin Proctor and Lora Craig

• Top responders of the year: Dave Matthews, Chelsea Marsh, Jake Kemnitz, Fritz Elefritz and Richard Ginter

• Firefighter of the Year: Jon Marsh

• EMS Person of the Year: Jake Kemnitz

• Support Person of the Year: Pat Ligenza and Blackwater Bend Espresso

• Anchor Point Volunteer Fire Department Memorial Award: Jolayne Soplanda