Anchor Point saga continues

Time for an update on the continuing saga of our Anchor Point heroine. It has been 14 months since it started, and in spite of dishonorable politicians and incompetent borough staff, our heroine is still fighting the good fight, continuing to serve our community with honor and integrity and a sense of duty that is made all the more striking by the complete lack of honor, integrity and duty from our elected officials.

Our borough mayor, in addition to choosing to act in a condescending, egotistical and incompetent manner, has surrounded himself with certain staff members who share the same inclination as well. It is also obvious that our locally elected “representatives” prefer to choose to curry favor with the mayor rather than perform their duties for their constituents. And our local news sources continually refuse to get involved in any serious investigative reporting, perhaps because the mayor shares their world-view. But then, I suppose the mating habits of a sea urchin does make for better copy in Homer and Soldotna than say, a local citizen being abused, mistreated, slandered and having her character assassinated by small-minded politicians and their staff.

It is very sad to sit here and watch our heroine being maligned by these individuals who have been given a little power, hopefully, for a very short time. 

It is the service area that should be dictating what happens here, not these self-serving folks who, given the opportunity, chose to play small. Our outstanding staff and volunteers have been serving our area for a very long time with efficiency and effectiveness with the model we, the people of Anchor Point, prefer.  

Why is it so hard to find people of integrity and honor to serve in positions of power and authority?