Another way to help kings

With regards to the North Pacific Fishery Management Council decision to  enact a 7,500 king cap on nonpollock trawlers in the Gulf of Alaska, it’s a start but not enough. I would like to see an individual boat quota, dividing the number of boats into 5,000 kings. Catch your quota, go home. This would stop the real dirty boats from ruining it for everyone. 

As far as the mayor of Kodiak saying the cap is too small and will hurt the community? 

How about all the rivers, people, communities, fishermen aside from Kodiak this wasteful fishing is affecting? It’s like defending a bank robber who got caught: How’s he gonna make any money if he is in jail and not allowed to  rob banks anymore?

Yeah, defending highway robbery is about it. Get a grip, Kodiak, figure out excluders and stay away from hot spots of kings. You are helping in the decline of the kings. 

Buck Brown