Art as life; life as art

With regard to the passing of Gaye Wolfe and the memorial on that Sunday following in October, none was more affected than I, but the outpouring of compassion from the community was huge.
No facts, statistics or quotes can describe her. She was a force in the community. Both ends of the nation now mourn her loss.
Now as the celebration of that life occurs here in Florida on Jan. 16, her birthday, another gathering is taking place at the Armory in West Palm Beach, duplicating the one in Homer.
Our hearts are both saddened and buoyed by the music of the ARTrageous Diva that she was, a light and energy for us all to follow. To do good by contributing to the community that she devoted so much of herself to … volunteerism and art was her lifestyle.
Love and thanks on behalf of Gaye Wolfe,
“Sam I Am” (still) Smith