Author brings timely message

I would like to sincerely thank the Friends of the Homer Public Library for bringing Tim O’Brien to Homer and highlighting his book “The Things They Carried” through the Big Read. O’Brien spoke March 1 at Mariner Theatre — a free event with an award winning, engaging, thoughtful and thought-provoking writer. I was deeply moved by his stories, his intention of testimony and finding ways through story to share not only events and places, but feeling and emotion.

The truth is not black-and-white, it can’t be nicely summed up in a 250-page book, or in a post on the Internet, or through a letter to the ditor. Instead the truth is a brilliantly shifting and gray thing that is full of ambiguity. This, to me, was an incredibly timely message that I was thankful to hear and have the opportunity to reflect upon.

Many, many thanks to the Friends and to the staff at the Homer Public Library for all that you do to bring us in touch with ideas and stories from not only local authors, but from a larger world beyond ourselves here at the End of the Road.

Rachel Lord