Awesome Foundation lives up to its name

My thanks is bountiful to the Alaska Chapter of the Awesome Foundation for awarding a grant for the 12% Happier Class to continue its offering to women who have faced adversity in our community. 

12% Happier is an experiential 8-week class designed to help women trust themselves more, handle feelings skillfully, treat themselves kindly, and make good life decisions. In other words, live with more ease and yes, be a little happier. My business, Wise at Work, and Haven House partnered together in 2015 to make this class available to women in our community.

In January, the Alaska Chapter, awarded 12% Happier with a $1,000 grant. This funding will contribute to supporting a representative of Haven House to assist with 12% Happier class logistics and assistance, childcare services, transportation vouchers, and rental space in 2016. 

The foundation’s chapter, supported by several awesome Alaskans who are artists, writers, entrepreneurs, business wizards, and all around generous folks, wants to catalyze local projects with impact in Alaskan communities. To check out the chapter’s vision and work see

My heartfelt gratitude goes to everyone at the Alaska Chapter for supporting 12% Happier and also for putting your resources to leverage future ideas and projects that benefit people in our community.  Your generous gifts and actions, well, they are awesome. Many thanks to each of you.

Susie Amundson