Awesome Foundation truly awesome

We’d like to give our highest gratitude to the Alaska Chapter of the Awesome Foundation for supporting Homer’s own Youth On Record Alaska (YORAK) program with a $1,000 check last week to buy two new laptops which puts the best equipment out there in the hands of teens. The application was so user-friendly and the quick turn-around was impressive. We’re so happy to be selected as a program which others believe in as much as we do.

YORAK is a volunteer effort to bring digital music production and recording skills to the hands of young people ages 12-18 years old. Our program teaches music and artistic expression in many different forms whether youth come to work on melodies or lyrics; it’s a safe space to encourage teens’ differences to shine through. Colton Morris, 15, a student of two years said of the program, “YORAK is all about music. It’s a passion. It’s one of my best joys. It’s about listening and making music and having a choice on how you create your music.”

If you know of teens who may want to get involved, please send them to the R.E.C. Room every Friday from 3:30-6 p.m. for this free program. All youth welcome! For more info, call 235-3436 or email

Thank you for believing in youth,

Cody Davidson, YORAK founder and director

Maria Kulikov, development coordinator

Alex Clayton, sound design educator