Beaches need some attention

In response to the beach etiquette concerns already brought forward, I would like to reiterate how disgusting and shameful the Bishop’s Beach condition has become. Everyone who walks our beaches needs to rediscover their respect for nature. I have been alternating beaches for walks with my Samoyed close to five days a week since late summer and Bishop’s Beach is by far the worst.  

I am not concerned with the loose dog atmosphere, I am appalled at the owners who don’t grab a couple of green bags provided by the city and scoop their dog’s poop and place it in the provided garbage can. And grab some bags for walks on the other beaches so you are prepared. 

What’s even more alarming is the amount of trash and fresh food everywhere. At one point this fall someone was actually bringing full piles of fresh vegetables and bread and leaving them behind. I’m not sure of the intention, butbesides being an eyesore, it lures dogs over to investigate and consume.

 And the vehicles, I agree, need to go. We have a parking lot, let’s use it and keep the beach wide open. If it’s a closer view you are after, go park at the Mariner Park at the base of the Spit.  It’s almost like being on the beach. I think we have outgrown the days of driving our rigs on our central beach. It’s not conducive to a pleasant experience for any activity and most importantly for enjoying the beauty of Homer that we have right in our front yard.

 Truly, folks, please be responsible and pick up after yourself and your dogs and let’s leave the beach in better condition than we found it.

Kim Duggar