Begich right person in U.S. Senate

I believe Mark Begich is the best candidate for U.S. Senate in this coming election. Born in Alaska, he understands Alaska’s people, geography, minerals and wildlife. 

I look at his congressional record and this is what I see:

He is a champion for public education and he believes that cuts to local education budgets are misguided priorities. He believes that “No Child Left Behind” is a bad fit for Alaska and should be dropped. He has voted to strengthen early education for the very young. He is promoting advanced training for teachers in Alaska and is striving to bring quality teachers to rural Alaska.

He understands the Alaska fish industry and he does not like “farm fish.” He knows that crowded farm fish readily get sick and eventually spread disease to wild fish. He does not like genetically engineered salmon. GMO salmon, loaded with genes suited only for fast growth will mate with wild salmon. These wild salmon, whose survival has been tuned naturally since forever, will be fatally set off balance by such an uncanny introduction of alien genes. Much to the consternation of lobbyists (led by Aqua Bounty Inc.), Mark Begich forced the FDA to halt hasty approval and continue its study of DNA intrusion.

Sen. Begich, who had taken time to study earthquake mechanics, spoke out against furthering Pebble mine development. He realized that because of its proposed position along the earthquake fault line between Iliamna and Redoubt volcanos Pebble mine would eternally threaten a Bristol Bay salmon disaster.

Mark Begich supports the Affordable Care Act. The ACA is America’s best move toward inexpensive health care insurance for all Americans.

I have presented a few arguments here, but you of course have many more of your own arguments. Act in your own interest and vote for Mark Begich for United States Senate.

James Donally