Beloved toy shop to close its doors

In a town that so highly values local business, anytime one closes its doors, it is an event of memory and mourning. Residents hold a certain fondness for each beloved small business, and Timeless Toys is no exception to this rule.

Opened by Becky Pfeil in 1997, Timeless Toys has become an icon to Homer’s younger generations. First at its Lake Street location, and later on at its Main Street store.

Timeless Toys was set to close on July 12, but because Pfeil still has a lot of product left in stock, the store is staying open until Friday, July 15, according to a Facebook post on Timeless Toy’s page.

It has been the place for all things birthday over the years, and, according the Pfeil, this was really the motivation for the opening of Timeless Toys.

She said, “I have three kids, and we were going to birthday parties every weekend and there wasn’t much of a selection, so it just seemed like a fun thing to do.”

While it wasn’t always easy for Pfeil, as she faced all of the typical challenges of owning a small business, her shop always flourished with a sense of rosey, childhood joy.

For kids, walking into Timeless Toys was like walking into a worry-free environment of discovery and imagination, a place where creative thought and fun collided into a bright and alluring array games, figurines, kits, dolls, trains, stuffed animals, charm bracelets and so many other things all to tickle a child’s fancy. Every child dreamed of their next visit.

Though Pfeil had hoped to sell the business, continuing its legacy of joy, she said that the property, rather than the business, sold very quickly. Despite this, she said she is still okay with how things turned out.

Pfeil said the store’s name, signage and remaining racks are still available for sale if someone would like to continue the business at a different location.

While it is sad to say goodbye, Pfeil’s reasons for moving on are understandable. She has enjoyed seeing the faces of Homer’s kids over the years, but she desires to take time for her own family — and young grandchild (soon to be grandchildren).

“It’s been 19 years and I’m just ready for something different. … I’m here seven days a week in the summer, and six days a week in the winter, so I’m ready to have some time to myself, and time for my family.”

Pfeil said she is grateful to the Homer community for supporting Timeless Toys.

“It’s been a lot of fun. It’s been the best job. I’m going to miss seeing the kids come in,” Pfeil said. “I just want to thank everybody for being supportive … A lot of people are really good about shopping local and I really appreciate that.”

It seems safe to say that the community has found much happiness in supporting Pfeil’s business over the years. Many will remember Pfeil for her willingness to fill a need in the community, and her passion in sustaining a business which provided high quality product and high quality service.

Her efforts will continue to live in the memories of many, long after her beloved toy shop has closed its doors.

Mattea Peters is a Homer News intern, who grew up with Timeless Toys.