Best Bets

Hey, who loves ya, Betsteroids? Well, we hope a special someone. You know the Betster has your back and is mighty fond of the thousands of people who make this such an awesome town. We’re talking Valentine’s Day, citizens. See? You almost forgot.

You almost forgot to order roses. You almost forgot to make reservations for next Tuesday at one of the excellent dining establishments that advertises right here on this page. You almost forgot to shop for chocolate before all that’s left is 89.2 percent super dark with siracha and sea salt. Actually, that sounds kinda cool.

What won’t be cool will be is if you fail to make some gushy expression of love for the male, female or gender fluid someone who brightens up your life. Yes, the Betster understands you do this every day. They put up with you. You put up with them. It’s part of the interpersonal social relationships we develop to endure a daily news feed of dumb things … Well, let’s not go there. The Betster has declared this a conflict free zone.

Valentine’s Day means doing something special. It means going above and beyond the normal, everyday pecks on the cheek. It means going to Paris, because really, if you love that special gender fluid male female love of your life, you’d go to the City of Lights, book a room at the Hotel Excelsior and sit there at Cafe Flore reading Proust to each other and remarking on how the French people walking the street might be good looking, but not as good looking as the love sitting next to you.

But if you can’t have Paris, Homer will just have to do. We have romance plenty, and amazing things to do, like these Best Bets:

BEST NO SHAKING BET: In March 1964 Thornton Wilder’s classic play of small town America showed in Anchorage at Alaska Methodist University, and you know what happened then, right? Well, the Homer High School et al. production of “Our Town” ought to be rocking, but the Betster hopes not literally. It shows at 7:30 p.m. Friday and 3 and 7:30 p.m. Saturday at the Mariner Theatre. See story, page 8.

BEST SALMON CHANTED EVENING BET: Yes, it’s another awesome Salmonfest Music Series performance at 9 p.m. Friday at Alice’s Champagne Palace with Emma Hill with Kat Moore and Kevin Worrell from Super Saturated Sugar Strings. Whew. The show is free, but if you like the S4s, you can see them again at 8 p.m. Saturday for the Super Saturated Sugar Snowball, also at Alice’s, a fundraiser for Bunnell Street Arts Center. Tickets are $10.

BEST TRIFECTA BET: This will take some planning, but if you want to really burn some calories off in preparation for the big V-Day fest, start your Sunday at 10 a.m. with the Kachemak Bay Running Club’s Third Annual V-Day 5K. The race starts and finishes at Homer High School. Register at the race or online at

OK, now after the race, cool off, grab your skis — downhill and Nordic — and head to Ohlson Mountain. From 11 a.m.-4 p.m. It’s the weekly Homer Rope Tow Skiing / Snowboarding at Mile 3.5 Ohlson Mountain Road. Lift tickets are $5 under age 18 and $10 adults. Do a few runs and then head down the road to Lookout Mountain for the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club’s annual Wine and Cheese and Wooden Ski Tour from noon-4 p.m. You should be pretty tuckered out by then, but perhaps some vin et brie will get you going again. Make sure to bring your photo ID and designated driver. Door prizes will be drawn at the last stop. The fee is $25 members, $35 non-members, and $10 for youth.

BEST BON VOYAGE BET: Perhaps one of those super yachts will pull in early on Valentine’s Day and you can romance a handsome French billionaire into taking you to Paris. Mais non? OK, then join the Homer Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center for its chamber luncheon, “Love your Homer Port and Harbor,” starting at noon Tuesday. Take a tour of the Homer Port &Harbor Offices and enjoy for $11 a boxed lunch from Cosmic Kitchen. RSVP at 235-7740 for the lunch.