Better options than oil

I’m disappointed it lost. For me it was about giving the oil companies incentive to drill in Cook Inlet. 

 “The oil giveaway — it’s our oil,”said the Democrats.

Our state has cleaner alternatives to oil: solar/wind/water.

“Jobs,” said the Republicans. 

Put people to work building solar panels, windmills and water turbines. 

The dividend? Offset by higher prices at the pump.  What good is money when our waters are polluted? Some say, “Big deal. Disasters have happened in the past and the Earth has recovered. Plus, we have no say. They’re going to do what they want. They’ll drill offshore if it’s profitable.”

We know there will be oil leaks. Oil and water don’t mix. Lives will be lost, including our own — more deaths than are caused by windmills — way more.

I envision clean air, clean water, clean food — nature to enjoy. Health is wealth. Greed is poison. It will lead to destruction. If you want to go North, you won’t get there by going South. What steps are we taking?