Big oil trying to trick Alaskans again

Yes on Ballot Measure 1. If big oil puts $10 million into advertising to trick you and buy your votes, historically they’ll succeed. If the vote is close, the usual voter fraud will kick in. They’ll tell you they’ll put a few more drops of oil in the pipeline and make a lot of jobs, but they are historically lying cockroaches. They can afford millions to fool you because they stand to lose billions that would otherwise benefit our state and people (where the jobs and benefits are definite). 

The amount of oil in the line will not change. Oil is in low demand, a worldwide glut, as well as other energy sources, have and will move in, including natural gas. Yes there will always be a demand for crude and its value will continue rising.

Alaskans should be supported by our oil like Norway, but we are not even close. It belongs to us and we are being ad-fooled again to sell ourselves short. 

Rev. Richard Olson