Birders grateful for Challenge prizes

The Kachemak Bay Birders would like to thank the following list of donors for providing wonderful prizes for our Big Spit PLUS Challenge birding event at the Shorebird Festival: Bay Excursions, Gary Lyon, Kachemak Crane Watch, Kachemak Bay Conservation Society, Captain’s Coffee, Cosmic Kitchen, Two Sisters, Don Jose’s and Fat Olives. 

For this event, teams of birders identified and recorded as many species of birds as they could find during the specified two and a half days during the festival. This year either all members of the teams were under 18 or all team members were from a family. Teams worked hard and birded beaches, the bay, and forested, grassy and town areas, and each team submitted a diversified list of the birds they had found. We are happy to report that the checklist with the highest number of species was 104. 

 Our birding group encourages all birders, especially young birders and families of birders, to enjoy the wonderful influx of birds now, and birds and birding all year long. We sincerely thank our donors for helping to make our event possible.