Borough has openings for next year’s invocation providers

At the Dec. 4 Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly meeting, President Wayne Ogle announced there were eight openings to give invocations next calendar year.

“We have 12 assigned invocation spots throughout the year and we have eight that remain to be assigned,” Ogle said at Tuesday’s meeting. “Those spots are open.”

Ogle said interested residents who sign up for invocations through the borough clerk will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis, through email.

The borough’s invocation was updated since it was passed at the Nov. 20 assembly meeting to include a limitation of four invocations per person per calendar year and a rule mandating the provider must perform their scheduled invocation before signing up for another spot.

“I think that was a very wise thing to do, because I think it really did open it up for the maximum amount of people to participate,” Ogle said.