Bridge building: a weighty matter


Putting their physics know-how to use, Homer Middle School eighth-grade students took on the challenge presented by their science teacher, Jennifer Booz: Construct a bridge that will hold the most weight and have a high efficiency rating, load compared to bridge weight.

Rather than steel or concrete, the bridge-building material of choice was toothpicks.

“The bridge project is the culmination of our physics units where students apply their knowledge of forces, mass, tension and stress to build a bridge out of toothpicks,” said Booze. Winners in the competition were:


• Lauren Jones, 117.9 pounds;

• Eric Super, 100.0 pounds;

• Jessie Hiller, 98 pounds;

• Kannen Cabana, 77.25 pounds;

• Mary Hana Bowe, 58.7 pounds.


• Eric Super, 4.525;

• Alicia Steiner, 3.870;

• Lauren Jones, 3.417;

• Jessie Hiller, 2.642;

• Wyatt Lewis. 2.611.