Brother Asaiah Day approaches

We have put our Christmas creches away. They are reminders of the original Christmas triumph-of-love story. They are not idols, but stimulate memories of a story very dear.

Out comes Martin Luther King, earlier this month. He was a catalyst  to change our national attitude toward a more inclusive paradigm. We believe in racial equality. We aim to live it.

It is almost February. For many years in Homer, Valentine’s Day has been Brother Asaiah Day, in honor of the man who preached peace through hundreds of love letters to us through our local newspapers before he died in 2000.

Like Jesus to the world, and Martin Luther King for our country, Brother Asaiah expressed a poetic love paradigm for our community. 

“Listen to your own soul, not your ego.”  “If we choose to love, wars can become obsolete.” “Be kind.” “Love one another.” “Be thankful. Have compassion for all things.”

May your love stay warm, and bring out your valentines.  

Martha Ellen Anderson