Brother Asaiah on Kindle

“Dear most honorable citizens dancing on the Wheel of Destiny here in our Cosmic Hamlet by the Sea” — I would pop right out of my boots to see again the poet who coined that phrase and wrote more than 200 Letters to the Editor in that reliable unique style. Can you believe it, it was almost 13 years ago when Brother Asaiah left this planet.
Some of us see his spirit of community goodwill arising through many people, here and there, as the wind blows, but no one has the same unique prophetic sense of poetry and history as Brother Asaiah.
So to you newcomers who did not know that significant ion of Homer history, who is he, anyway?
“When conflicts arise, and they do continuously here, I try to invoke his spirit of peace and love,” said Randi Somers.
“Asaiah drew our attention to who we are,” said Anni Whitney. “He gave such complete attention to us that we were able to see ourselves as community. Not every community has a catalyst to help them see themselves, as Brother did for us.”
And what does Brother Asaiah have to say about Christmas? Let me quote Bro’s Letters to the Editor, right here in the Homer News: “It came upon a midnight clear, the beautiful Christ did whisper in my ear, I am the light of thy struggling soul. Look not to mangers and lonely tombs. I am the beginning from the Great Mother’s womb. Be sure to light the Christmas tree of life within thine own heart and soul.”
The good news today is this: The book, “Brother Asaiah,” as remembered by Martha Ellen Anderson, with forward by Jay Hammond, is available now on Kindle for $2.99. The Kindle book can be shared with all for free.
There are also still a few new and used signed books available in the bookstores.
Martha Ellen Anderson