Brown Bears show big hearts

Hockey bags are big. They hold a lot of gear. You could fit a whole person in one of those things. Imagine how many groceries it would take to fill not only one, but three of them. We saw it recently. 

The Brown Bears of Kenai came down to Homer to do some exhibition hockey games and brought that much food along. No, not to feed themselves but to donate to the Homer Community Food Pantry because they have a priority of helping communities to be a better place. The local hockey teams rose to the challenge and collected 15 boxes of food to add to the bounty. It didn’t stop there. A raffle was held and the proceeds (more than $200) were also donated. 

Big thanks to all those big hearted athletes and their friends and families. I trust you are able to imagine the satisfaction we have being able to distribute that food, and the gratefulness of the clients, many of whom don’t have the means to go buy even a small bag of groceries for themselves or their family. (And a special thanks to Shelly Laukitis, Homer Hockey Association, and Kevin Bell Arena for coordinating all that.) 

Ruth Dickerson