Campaign to endow fund continues

On behalf of the students and future students of Kachemak Bay Campus, we are writing to thank everyone in the community who attended the open house honoring Mary Epperson on Saturday, April 18. Thank you so much for coming to celebrate with Mary, and for your generous support of the Mary Epperson Student Support and Scholarship Fund. It was a special time for all of us.

We are grateful to Johnny B., who entertained us in grand style and gave Mary much joy. And many thanks to Darrel Oliver and the entire team at AJ’s Steakhouse for warm hospitality and great food, and to Two Sisters Bakery for beautiful, delicious cupcakes.

Once endowed, the Mary Epperson Fund will be used to provide scholarships, to help cover class fees that students might have to pay in addition to tuition, and to help provide instructional equipment that enhances student learning. 

The fundraising campaign to endow the fund is an ongoing community effort, and we hope that many others will join us to help build the fund to reach its goal. Mary is keenly interested in the progress we are making, and she appreciates every gift.

John Fenske, chair
Kachemak Bay Campus Community Advisory Board

Carol Swartz, director

Kachemak Bay Campus-Kenai Peninsula College