Candidate Comments – Paul Seaton

I have been actively involved in Kenai Peninsula communities for 37 years.  As your Representative I work hard for an Alaska that values fiscal responsibility, quality education, improved health, responsible resource development, and accountable government.  My experience as a small businessman, my community involvement, and my experience in the legislature will continue to provide excellent representation of your local concerns and a strong voice on statewide issues.
I have chosen to serve on the Fisheries, Health and Social Services, State Affairs, Education, and Resources committees, which are all of vital interest to the Peninsula.  As a Republican majority member I have served as a committee chair each year and am currently the co-chair of Resources.  
I responded to the needs of Alaska’s students for quality education by finding answers to funding problems that enjoyed bipartisan support.  I am a leader in bringing vocational education back to the classroom and expanding the use of technology.  I worked hard for the results-based Alaska Performance Scholarships and Project Grad, which reward hard work by making Alaskan colleges and technical schools more affordable.  I sponsored a pilot project using iPod Touch technology in six schools on the lower Peninsula.
I continue to work to improve the safety and accessibility of health care in Alaska.  In the last legislature I was able to pass the resolution moving Alaska towards a “Prevention of Disease” model of health care and increasing awareness of Vitamin D. A focus on prevention can reduce our heath care costs and improve the wellness of Alaskans.  I was also able to pass a prohibition on the sale of non-tobacco nicotine to minors.
I work hard to ensure that resource development is responsive to our communities.  I have sponsored successful legislation to: repeal an oppressive tax on sand and gravel operators; expand the opportunity for Geoduck clam farming, and a resolution to bring the Coastal Villages’ Bering Sea Pollock and crab fleet to homeport in Alaska at Seward.  
I support sustainable fisheries for all user groups.  The ‘weak stock management’ in Cook Inlet of this last year must not be repeated.  I pushed for the strongest proposal for halibut bycatch waste reduction on the trawl fleet and will work for further reductions.  I have received 2012 endorsement from the United Fishermen of Alaska and the Kenai Peninsula Fishermen’s Association, as well as the National Rifle Association.
I am working to bring affordable natural gas to many communities in the district, enhancing individual energy security and economic development.  Drastically lowering home and business operating costs can produce the greatest stimulation to our local economy.
 I am pleased to have helped Alaska receive the rating as the Fifth Most Entrepreneurial State and the Fifth Fastest Growing State Economy in the US in 2011. [ June 2012]
I promise to continue to provide you with weekly notification and analysis of the issues during the legislative session through my email newsletter.  This allows constituent input as legislation is being formed – giving you a strong voice in state government.
Please vote Seaton for State House in District 30.