Candidate hits campaign trail

I’m Lindianne Sarno, and I’m bicycling for mayor. In the next few weeks you’ll be able to to read my answers to tough questions posed by Homer’s journalists. Today I simply want to tell you why I love Homer.  I have lived 4.5 years on Kachemak Bay. This will always be my watershed, my place. Homer is a place where migrants settle. I came here because I love snow, water, fish, wool and saunas. I stay because I love the people of Kachemak Bay.
Homer attracts strong personalities.  Homer is a hub city for many cultures: Old Believers, old wizards, old farmers, old salts, retired military characters. And our children.  And our grandchildren. We have lots of life experience; we come to Kachemak Bay to fulfill our lives. We are the Kachemak Bay Renaissance, an example of peaceful co-existence, man in harmony with man, man in harmony with nature. I see you, I love you, I may not know your name yet, but your face at the fish-cleaning station or the farmers market gives me joy and hope.
To hear my passion for Alaska in musical form, listen to Alaskan Child Suite, composed as a memorial for Jean Aspen and Tom Irons’ son, Luke.  To join my campaign, stop by Lindianne’s Music Garden from now ’til Oct. 7, Municipal Election Day, to pick up campaign literature, register to vote and help me get the word out to voters. My office hours re 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday through Friday.  
Lindianne Sarno