Canvass board certifies election; Lord passes Venuti for most votes

With all votes officially counted, results have remained the same after Tuesday’s municipal election, with Caroline Venuti and Rachel Lord receiving the most votes for Homer City Council.

A canvass board certified the election at a Friday meeting in Homer City Hall. The updated results show that there were 1,283 regular voters and 401 absentee voters. There were also 24 special needs voters and 28 questioned voters, for a total of 1,736. This accounts to a 37 percent turnout rate for the election, according to the certificate of election.

Candidate Sarah Vance still came in third place in the race with 27 percent of the vote. However, Lord passed up former frontrunner Venuti after absentee votes were tallied. They both got 66 percent of the votes, with Lord now leading the pack with 1,070 votes and Venuti right behind with 1,057.

A breakdown of the other candidates is as follows: Dwayne Nustvold Jr., 270, Stephen Mueller, 242; Andrew Kita, 70; Anne Poso, who did not run an active campaign, 40; Kimberly Ketter, 33. There were 12 write-in votes.

Certified election results show Homer’s Proposition 1, allowing the city’s HART fund to be used for road maintenance, still passing with 78 percent of the vote, for 971 yes votes to 280 no.

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