Chance to pursue passion

I want to thank the Tin Roof Fund and the Homer Foundation for awarding me  the Beluga Tails Nonfiction scholarship for the 2014 school year. Even though I have not yet set a foot inside of Bard College, my friends, my family members, and members of our community have been asking me what I intend to major in. I have been battling with the idea of majoring in English and creative writing. Receiving this honor has made me feel as if it is possible that I could pursue my love of writing as a career, something that I had previously been wary of seriously thinking about. 

But receiving this award helped remind me that this is what I love to do. Everyone should pursue what they love. 

I want to thank the Tin Roof Fund for making this possible. I’m honored by, and immensely grateful for their donation, and the Homer Foundation for making it possible year after year. 

Hannah Baird