Change happens

Much change has happened last eight years: The National Defense Authorization Act (sec.1021, Patriot Act, indefinite detention). The Citizens United ruling (corporations are people and allowed to buy Congress). The National ID act (you will need a passport to travel from some states to other states within the United States of America). The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, sending our jobs overseas). Obama Care (a new tax on an over taxburdened people, where health care costs rose dramatically and insurance companies profit).

We’ve bombed Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Libya and Syria thus creating war driven refugees. TSA checkpoint authorization and expansion. CISA and private mail surveillance. The Monsanto Protection act. The wealthy class wealthier, the poor classes expanded and poorer, the middle class disappearing as the value of dollar spirals downward and so much more. 

But don’t worry, be happy.

Rev. Richard Olson