Chapman students recognized for achievements

From Chapman School preschoolers noted for behaving responsibly and kindergarteners recognized for being caring to the school’s basketball team and straight-A students, Chapman’s K-8 student body received certificates and loud applause Tuesday. 

Undaunted when the lights temporarily went out, teacher Jon Crocker kept the program going as student after student stepped down from the bleachers to be honored by classmates, faculty and visiting family members.

The last award for the day went to 12 students selected by their teachers as “Students of the Quarter.” The honorees were:

Grace Holschen and Carter Drake, prekindergarten morning and afternoon classes;

C. J. Burns, kindergarten;

Glade Abbott, first grade;

Haylee Shea and Kaytlin McAnelly, second grade and second-third grade;

Anna Neland, third grade;

Haylee Overson, fourth grade;

Kayla Frances, fifth grade;

Caleb Holschen, sixth grade;

Ginger Inman, seventh grade;

Candice Sargeant, eighth grade