City grant helps HOH run

I am writing on behalf of Hospice of Homer (HOH) to thank the city of Homer for the recent grant hospice received. The grant monies will help offset general HOH operating expenses and is one of the very few grants we receive that can be used for day-to-day expenses. This grant is especially vital to hospice; it helps keep our doors open and allows us to continue to meet the needs of the individuals and families we serve. In these continuingly difficult economic time, this type of grant is essential to Hospice’s overall operation

Thank you again for the recent city of Homer Grant. Without such support from the city, hospice could not continue to provide our current level of care for community members. Hospice values the city grant program and recognizes how vital it is to Hospice of Homer. Although grants are never easy to secure, access to unrestricted funds is a boon for a small non-profit like hospice. These monies are used to pay for the nuts and bolts operation of HOH — the bedrock of the organization.

Hospice of Homer is committed to being a resource for the entire community on the issues of caregiving, death and dying, and the grieving process. Hospice is the only local organization that provides these services to community members. 

If you are interested in learning more about Hospice of Homer, becoming a Hospice volunteer or making a donation to HOH, check out our website or please stop by the office at 265 E. Pioneer Ave., Suite 3, or give us a call at 235-6899. 

It not only takes a village to raise a child, it takes village to support someone in the last stage of their life.

Darlene Hilderbrand, director

Hospice of Homer