Clem Tillion zeroed in on SB 21

Former legislator and Halibut Cove resident Clem Tillion wrote a “spot-on” editorial for the Alaska Dispatch News Aug.10. I agree that ACES does need adjusting to best serve Alaska’s long term interests and that a “no” vote is not the way to achieve it.

A “yes” vote will give the Legislature an opportunity to fully access the “proprietary information” that Gov. Sean Parnell refused to give to the Legislature when they requested a consultation with the global oil consulting firm of Gaffney-Cline (which is on a state retainer).  This lack of transparency in government only deepens my suspicions as to why the oil interests outspent the “yes” vote supporters 100 to 1.

Please remember to vote “yes” on Ballot Measure 1 Aug. 19 as this is the only time your voice will be heard.

Mike McCarthy