Clinton better than GOP field

Someone asked me recently what problem I had with having Hillary Clinton for president? I told them in foreign policy, in too many ways, she reminds me of old Cold Warrior Margaret Thatcher, as typified by her vote in the Senate to go to war with Iraq. I believe she voted as such, because she suffers from the syndrome of proving herself being every bit as tough as a man, rather than just being a female human being every bit as strong and every bit equal to a male human being.

Women who suffer from proving themselves as-tough-as-a-man syndrome, in power, can be quite dangerous. 

When I listen to Hillary speak about foreign policy, she doesn’t seem to me to have the moral imagination we so critically need today. She doesn’t seem to sense we need to depart from the direction that George W. Bush and, sadly, Barrack Obama along with her assistance have taken us.

If the Benghazi Commission didn’t turn out to be such a partisan joke, it would have been very instructive to have gleaned Clinton’s role on influencing the President’s decision to commit ourselves to removing Omar Kaddafi.  

I’m not impressed by the result, or think we will achieve any better result, today, in Syria by making another power vacuum there by taking President Assad out. 

But, believe me, if it comes down to voting for Hillary or a Republican candidate, she’s got my vote. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and do a lot of praying. However, I worry what might jump out at her from the FBI’s e-mail investigation of her, not only at her, but at all of us who dread a Republican winning the presidency today, especially given the Supreme Court stakes.

Let’s hope if she does win the Democratic nomination, she runs against Donald Trump, given all of his sordid and colorful baggage. He may be her best chance at winning the presidency. Sometimes, in fact, I can’t help but wonder if the fellow New Yorkers might not be working together on this?

With her recent victory in the South Carolina primary, it looks like I’ll be waiting for a miracle. 

But, who knows, the Universe does work in mysterious ways. Don’t ever give up hope. Anyway, go, Donald, go. Also, I haven’t given up on Bernie yet. This is Monday afternoon. Super Tuesday looms.

Tim O’Leary