Committee’s decision disappointing

I am disappointed by the site evaluation recently completed by the Public Safety Building Review Committee.  The design team provided them with a draft evaluation form with 31 criteria. The committee evaluated the HERC site by briefly discussing only a few of these criteria and then chose this site as the preferred site for the new safety building based on its size being over 4 acres.

The other two sites under consideration were dismissed before further evaluation because they are less than 4 acres and deemed not large enough for a 60,000-square-foot facility. Sixty thousand square feet is very large: four times the size of the police and fire stations together, larger than West Homer Elementary School, almost the size of the Homer Middle School, almost three times the size of Save U More.

I am not qualified to assess all the evaluation criteria, but the ones I understand give a very favorable ranking to the current site if a smaller, more affordable facility is considered. I hope the committee will take a closer look at this site. 

Mary Griswold