Community helps family heal

We wish to thank all of the people that put their busy lives on the back burner to come, be with us and celebrate a great person’s life, Aaron Morris, at the Down East Saloon on Saturday, Jan. 31. It was heartwarming to see the number of people that showed up, because they loved him, were friends with him or maybe had only met him on a job or two. The generous display of love, friendship, respect and stories were monumental in helping his family to progress through the stages of healing. 

We thank those who charitably supplied food for the celebration as well as the management of the Down East Saloon for allowing us to use their facility and doing all that they could do to make such a memorable day come together.

Most of all we wish to thank all of you that helped us in so many ways and managed to help us find some peace as we bid a fond farewell to a man we loved so much.

Please call 235-4967 if you are missing a dish; there were some left after the event.

Carol Grace