Community inspires Food Pantry

What an inspiration our community is to the Homer Community Food Pantry in their generous giving and sharing. We are blessed each week by all the people who walk in with food gifts. We have received food collected by several groups in January and February.  

The Kenai River Brown Bear Hockey team and Homers Hockey team collected 15 boxes and contributed financially.Alaska Bible Institute collected half a pickup full of canned goods. Troop 555 gathered five boxes of food and made a generous financial donation. Homer Middle School brought us 700 cans from Share the Love Food drive. This came in at the low time of the year and was most helpful. Thank you one and all for your efforts.  As Helen Keller said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

For the 17th consecutive year, the Feinstein Foundation Giveaway Challenge to Fight Hunger will divide $1 million among hunger-fighting agencies nationwide using it to help them raise funds during the months of March and April. The foundation’s $1 million will be divided proportionately among all agencies with a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $35,000 going to participating agencies. We appreciate that our community has partnered with us for these many years on this particular Giveaway Challenge.

Do you know the difference between a food bank and a food pantry? Pantries distribute food to clients while banks distribute to pantries and sometimes clients. There are five food banks in Alaska: Fairbanks, Mat-Su, Kodiak, Juneau and the Kenai Peninsula. The Food Bank of Alaska in Anchorage partners with retailers, wholesalers, processors and organizations that donate surplus food.

Our Homer Community Food Pantry is one of 65 member agencies on the peninsula that can get food from Kenai at a minimal cost. With our purchases from them, from our own community (90 percent) and what we purchase locally, we fill our shelves. This is why we are so grateful to our community for all they do.

Items that we need constantly are: fruit, sandwich zip locks, pint size tubs, up to 12 ounce plastic bottles and plastic bags.

Looking ahead to spring and summer, we would like to be able to supply tents, sleeping pads and sleeping bags to those in need. If you have any you would like to give away, please consider us. They can be dropped off at the pantry tub at the
basement entrance to Homer United
Methodist Church or just call 235-1968.   

Diana Jeska and 

Homer Community Food Pantry

board members