Community to host Himalayan dinner to support cancer research

Next week’s event is a prelude to a larger awareness effort slated for April.

On Tuesday, Jan. 24 there will be a Himalayan dinner fundraiser in support of a local ovarian cancer survivor. It will be hosted at the Homer Methodist Church from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

The menu will include: dahl bhat, (traditional lentil/rice dish), chutney relishes, naan, ginger/coconut cookies and hot tea.

Organized by Friends of Lynn Temple, the goal of the fundraiser is to support Temple in her effort to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer research. At 6 p.m. and again at 7 p.m., Reba Temple, Lynn’s daughter, will present a brief visual presentation by Any Mountain Ovarian Cancer Research. Gordy Vernon will present the short film, “Eight Minutes of Everest.”

Next week’s event is a prelude to a larger awareness effort slated for April.

Temple and her daughter have been invited by Temple’s doctor, Anchorage oncologist Dr. Joanie Hope, to participate in a Mount Everest Base Camp Trek expedition.

Hope is the founder and managing partner of the Alaska Women’s Cancer Care, which integrates surgical and chemotherapeutic aspects of treatment at Providence Alaska Cancer Center, the Alaska Native Medical Center and at Alaska Regional Hospital, all in Anchorage.

According to the Any Mountain website, Hope is also a founder and former lead vocalist of a rock band N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease), which is made up of gynecologic oncologists and dedicated to raising awareness for gynecologic cancers.

The website ( states the Any Mountain Project is committed to summiting ovarian cancer through creativity and research and suggests fighting ovarian cancer is like the monumental journey of climbing Mount Everest — the world’s tallest mountain at 29,029 feet. “Every step one takes brings you closer to the top.”.

Temple was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in March of 2022 and got through all her treatments in August.

“Once she finished treatment and was talking to her doctor about what comes next, her doctor suggested this Nepal trip in April with about 20 other people,” Reba Temple said. “I was with her during that conversation and my mom’s been to Nepal several times. I never have but I’ve always wanted to and this seemed like a really good time to go with her.”

The trip will take place April 2-15. Most of the group will just hike to base camp but two trained mountain climbers will attempt to summit.

“Because Mount Everest is 29,000 feet, the goal is to raise 2.9 million dollars for cancer,” Lynn Temple said. “I’ve never hiked with this many people before. I usually just go by myself or with just a few people. And, I usually carry my own gear but we’ll have Sherpas on this trip,” she said.

Temple hikes regularly in Alaska but not at high elevations like this.

“Hopefully it’ll go well,” she said.

A follow-up fundraiser will take place at Alice’s on Feb. 17. It will include an auction and Dr. Hope will come down from Anchorage with two other singers and perform.

Suggested donation to the dinner fundraiser is $20 per person.

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