Community’s support aids healing

To the wonderful Homer community,

Over the past few weeks, I discovered I am not only suffering a serious illness, but I also discovered something very, very precious. That has been the outpouring of support, prayers and good wishes from Homer. It is a very humbling experience, but one I am so, so grateful for. It is those prayers that have gotten me home, and slowly regaining a bit of strength. A long ways to go, but with all of you behind me, how can I fail?

Over these weeks I had the privilege to be  served by a talented and experienced cadre of nurses and staff at South Peninsula  Hospital — professional but always so friendly.  We are so lucky to have this facility, but better the folks that work there.  

I do have to offer my thanks to my medical team:  Drs. Raymond, Steyer and Hahn. They saved my life. And to friends Jan, Mck, Randi and Jim, for being there, and all your help. Thanks to Randi, my wonderful son David could be with me in Anchorage during those days. David, my stalwart right arm.

To all of you who sent your prayers, cards and well wishes, I humbly extend my heartfelt thanks.

May God bless all of you, as you have so richly blessed me.

Milli Martin