Condo owners still wait for answers

Two years ago, Homer condo owners realized they had a problem with the method the city manager and city council were using to collect the recovery cost for installing the natural gas line for Enstar.

Several of the condo owners approached the city and had many discussions which were basically ignored. We were told we were wrong and nothing was done. Finally, one of the condo owners took his case to court and he won.  The court ordered the city to correct the assessing ordinance and to repay part of the plaintiff’s court costs. That was last January. Condo owners approached the city manager and spoke with the city council and still nothing was done.

Promises of dates for the “solution of the condo problem” were given and never met. Now, we know the city manager is working hard with Enstar to reach the “final” costs so they can reach the “final” assessment figures for everyone.

How can they reach those “final” figures if they haven’t refigured the condo assessments?  And if they have refigured the assessments … if they have corrected the ordinance … why haven’t they responded to the condo owners?

Mr. Wrede is leaving Homer. Is he taking care of this problem before he leaves? Inquiring condo owners want to know.