Conservation drill cuts load by about 1.5 percent

Officials from regional governments and utilities estimated an across-the-board energy load reduction of 1.5 percent on Oct. 30, between 6-8 p.m., during the fourth Energy Watch conservation drill.

“Southcentral Alaska consumes approximately 70 BCF (Billion Cubic Feet) annually. The 1.5 percent consumed during the 2012 Energy Watch Test equates to approximately 1 BCF,” said Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan.

Savings were calculated and measured by analyzing consumption trend lines from before, after and during the test period. On the electric side, conservation was measured by analyzing actual kilowatts used during the test and compared those figures against same-time, prior- and post-day usage.

In addition to measurements conducted by the utilities, they commissioned a Hays Research Group poll that was conducted last weekend. Out of the Southcentral residents polled, 61.2 percent were aware of a possible natural gas delivery problem and more than 42 percent were aware of the Oct. 30 conservation test.

“These numbers prove we have been largely successful in communicating the challenges associated with gas deliverability in Cook Inlet,” said Mayor Sullivan.

Utilities and governments participating in the drill include the Kenai Peninsula Borough, Mat-Su Borough, ENSTAR, Chugach Electric Association, Municipal Light & Power, Matanuska Electric Association, Homer Electric Association and the Municipality of Anchorage.