Conversation on harbor needed

I would like to express my appreciation for the addition of Miranda Weiss’s new SpitLife column in the paper. The column is intelligently written, rich in imagery and delightful to read. 

The most recent column was about the historically resourceful ways the Spit has been used. Mentioned in the column was the new harbor building and why the city chose its new location.

The city has a vision of developing an expanded facility to attract 100-200-foot vessels and to play a major role in being a support of the Nikiski LNG development and operation, as well as other oil and gas operations in the region. The city administration has forged ahead for years in this vision without a real community conversation. 

I had inquired with the then city manager many times over the years and was always assured that the conversation would be forthcoming. I wonder if the city administration’s vision for the harbor is community driven or mainly coming from the administration itself. Let’s have the conversation.

I would question whether the community embraces the city administration’s industrial vision concerning the expansion of the harbor facilities. I think it is time for a real conversation about what direction this community really wants to take. I think the Homer community is far more forward thinking than putting its energy into oil and gas industry. Homer is known and valued for its beautiful rich bay, its quirky Spit, fishing, recreation, its many arts and cultural offerings, being a gateway to Kachemak Bay State Park and wilderness beyond. Homer is known and valued for its uniqueness. Homer is special. Let’s have an open and honest conversation about whether this community embraces a harbor expansion to support the oil and gas industry.

Rika Mouw