Corbin Arno: We don’t need more laws and regulations

My name is Corbin Arno, and I was born and raised in our beautiful town of Homer and I am now raising my wonderful family here. 

I have not always been interested in politics, but as time goes on I have been watching the downward slide of our nation and its uncontrolled spending and uncalled for laws and regulations. As I became more interested, I started looking at our local government as well, and I see a lot of similarities, out of control spending and uncalled for laws and regulations. I think we have enough laws and regulations. We don’t need to add more. Enforce the ones you have and you won’t need any more. 

We don’t need a nanny state, we don’t need the government telling us what to do that is not their job, we are grown-ups and I believe that we can take care of ourselves without government intervention. 

Nationwide, all the way to our local city government, management operates like they have a blank checkbook. They don’t think about cost or maintaining their projects that they come up with and usually their solution is RAISE TAXES. For example, the police/ fire station project. One day city council says that the police station is understaffed and they don’t have money to hire more staff; the next day they want to build a 15 million dollar building that is three or four times bigger than what they have now. Now, if we can’t staff what we have now, how in the world are we going to staff and maintain something that big? It does not take a genius to figure the math on this one.

You give the government a dollar one year and the next year they want two — whether they need it or not. If you and I ran our personal finances like government, we would all be bankrupt. It is time to rein in spending and get out of the way of private economic growth. 

When I take something on, I do it to the best of my ability, and if you elect me I will do my best. I am not a politician, I am average everyday Joe the plumber, and I believe we need to get more Joe the plumbers into office. They know what real life is.

Thank you, and even if you don’t vote for me, get out and vote on Oct. 1.