Council disconnect on HERC

I urge Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Mike Navarre to sit on any legislation to remove deed restrictions on the Homer HERC (Homer Education and Recreation Complex) donated by the borough to the city of Homer for the use and benefit of the general public, not only because this is a usable and only gym outside the schools that is very much appreciated by the residents of Homer, but because the city council apparently does not understand the content of its Resolution 13-096 passed in September 2013  requesting the deed restrictions be removed so they can sell the property to apply the proceeds to public benefit. Please let’s slow down this terrible recreation train wreck. 

I am appalled that no one corrected these statements. 

From the Action Agenda for the Sept. 22 City Council Meeting: 

Council member Beau Burgess: No one wants to tear down the HERC building and no one wants to sell the HERC property. It is prime real estate in Homer. If we want to improve the lot we may want to seek lending or funding. The deed restriction on the lot says it cannot be sold or repossessed. We are limiting our options to leverage a capital improvement to the lot. We need the freedom to say this is  the best spot for a recreation or a public safety facility. He asked people  to look to the long term of how we are going to solve our recreation and  public safety needs. 

Mayor Wythe commented the concept of removing deed limitations was not about selling the property, but making it the most useful building. The HERC is a facility on the lot that in many ways has exceeded its useful life. 

Resolution 13-096 as passed by the Council on Sept. 23, 2013:  A Resolution of the City Council of Homer, Alaska Requesting that the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly Amend Relevant Agreements and the Quit Claim Deed  Regarding the Transfer of Ownership of the Old Middle School Property to  Permit the City to Sell the Property and Dedicate the Proceeds for the Use and Benefit of the General Public.

Mary Griswold