Council needs to help businesses by helping residents shop locally

“A gallon of water is a gallon of water, and a gallon of poo is a gallon of poo,” so says Councilman Burgess.  I applaud the profundity of our esteemed councilman.

I must confess that I am not a small business owner, and was not at the recent city council meeting to hear for myself Councilman Burgess’s profound words, but am compelled to ask him where his allegiance lies?  On the one hand he says he is all for the welfare of small businesses here in Homer, but his words at this last meeting have me wondering where and how is it that he intends to help small business owners, here in Homer? 

I ask this because I attended a meeting back in the early spring when the council was taking testimony concerning the then proposed gas pipeline and the proposed $3,200 assessment that was to be passed on to the individual property owners within the city’s boundaries.

At that meeting I voiced my opposition, not to the pipeline, but rather the council’s willingness to force each property owner to monetarily support such a project. (Should we all pony up and help Buccaneer drill for gas?) At that meeting, Mr. Burgess intimated his desire to see businesses not only survive, but thrive here in our little hamlet by the sea. He even went so far as to say that the silent majority had spoken, even though the council did not or would not reveal how many people actually voted either in favor of, or not in favor of the proposed assessment; proof of his profundity once again.

Now the council is saying that the cost of doing business here in Homer is expensive, etc., etc. Which is it, Mr. Burgess, are you in favor of businesses surviving and thriving, or not? Let me remind you that these businesses are they very ones that contribute time and time again to our schools, and various organizations here in town. They are generous beyond words, just ask any parent with a student in any sports program, or any other organization on the receiving end of their generosity.

Yes, it is expensive to do business here in Homer, so help us out, councilman Burgess. Help keep locals shopping locally.

I also would add that for the majority of those out there that do not bother to get off the proverbial couch and vote in our city-wide elections or any election for that matter — shame on you. We get what we don’t vote for. 

Joyclyn Graham