Council should stick to city business

I have two things to comment on, both relating to Resolution 17-019.

First, I’m very concerned about the possible loss of three Homer City Council members: Donna Aderhold, David Lewis, and Catriona Reynolds, inasmuch as an attempt to have them recalled has been initiated. In my opinion all three are effective on the council, bringing carefully considered input, plus civilly responding to the input of others. To seek their recall on the basis of one issue seems short sighted.

Second, having said this, I feel that it was inappropriate for any council member to help draw up and/or to support Resolution 17-019, (also Resolution 16-121, for that matter). In my opinion, that is not the city’s business. Additionally, to justify the resolution by saying that “we” want this community to be known as an inclusive, welcoming one, in my opinion, does not acknowledge nor address the complexity of worldwide issues such as that of immigration.

If council members wish to express their disbelief, outrage and utter frustration at Donald Trump’s general overview as expressed by his words and actions I think that these feelings should be taken elsewhere, not to the Homer City Council.

I don’t think we’ll lose any of you and I sure hope not, but I think that the Homer City Council should stick to Homer area considerations.