Council’s action on full build-out of natural gas line appreciated

I would like to express my support for the build-out of the Homer area natural gas distribution system as proposed by the Homer City Council. The council deserves kudos for going after a full build-out as soon as possible. 

Replacing diesel fuel, controlled by the Koch brothers (Flint Hills) and Tesoro (a large Texas-based corporation) with cleaner burning, locally produced natural gas will benefit everybody in the service area whether you hook up or not. Greatly reduced heating bills for government buildings alone make this a viable project. Reduced heating bills for those that choose to hook up make the financial payoff that much better.   

The real icing on the cake is reducing Homer’s carbon footprint. I suspect that expediting the natural gas build out will reduce Homer’s carbon footprint more than any single project this century. This is a clean fuel, economically sound project that deserves everyone’s support.

My thanks to the council for embracing the full build-out option.

Brad Faulkner