COVID outbreak present in Lemon Creek inmates

Nearly two dozen have been infected.

A coronavirus outbreak beginning at Lemon Creek Correctional Center in late August has swelled to nearly two dozen cases, said an Alaska Department of Corrections official.

Deputy Commissioner Kelly Goode said that 23 inmates have recently tested positive for the coronavirus, with the first case in this outbreak appearing on August 22.

The number can change daily with remands, or people returning to custody, being introduced to the facility, Goode said. That also affects the approximate percentage of inmates who are vaccinated, Goode said.

“Because this is a remand facility, the vaccination rate fluctuates. Currently, however, the facility is approximately 40% vaccinated,” Goode said. “We continue to offer vaccines to all remands and inmates at the facility.”

LCCC is closed to visitation during the outbreak, Goode said. DOC staff who take sick leave are not required to disclose to cite their reason for taking leave, Goode said, so the DOC is not tracking infections among staff.

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