Cute kittens in need of good home

This fall, when the weather started getting cold, a homeless cat that we have been feeding brought four adorable little kittens to my porch. Knowing they would not be able to make it through the winter, I called the Homer Animal Shelter and they were so kind and helpful. They let me borrow a trap so I could catch the kittens. I was able to also catch the mama cat, and brought her down there to be spayed.

Unfortunately, due to some good reasons, I am unable to keep the kittens, so I brought them to the animal shelter hoping someone will adopt them and give them a “forever home” that I cannot provide. I urge the kind people of Homer to go and see these sweet little kittens and try to find a place in your heart and your home, for one — or more. They are getting good care from Sherry and Brian at the shelter, but need a loving home with someone to share their love. They are so friendly, litter box trained and they would be so happy to find a home. Please, go see them, and maybe you will want to take one (or more) into your home. You won’t be sorry.

Joann Odd