Cyclists grateful for improvements


The Homer Cycling Club would like to thank the Department of Transportation, and their receptivity to the advice provided by the city of Homer, for the improvements being made to the Sterling Bypass Highway. Improving the shoulders on these routes will provide a much safer riding situation for cyclists. 

On Ocean Drive, the crown of the road will be shifted and the width now given to the bike lane shoulder will be split between both sides of the road. This will provide more room for cyclists to ride with traffic. 

Riding with traffic and following the same signs and signals as motor vehicles is a much safer approach when traveling quickly on a bike. HCC would like to encourage motorists to use extra caution and care around cyclists and  pedestrians while construction is under way. Please do not crowd cyclists, but rather slow down and wait until you can pass with 3 feet of clearance.   

Remember, cyclists are allowed in the road and are not legally obligated to use bike paths. They may even “take the lane” (i.e. occupy the entire lane) when it is necessary to avoid obstructions, debris, parked cars, or to move into a turn lane or through lane. Cyclists that are moving quickly and riding in the street should behave more like vehicles, while slower moving cyclists and those using the recreation path should behave more like pedestrians.  

Homer Cycling Club thanks drivers who give cyclists extra space, and reminds all user groups to be attentive and prudent, make eye contact, and be courteous to others as we all share Homer’s roads. 

Happy travels,