DDF team stacks up awards

At two recent meets, one in Homer and one at Dimond High School in Anchorage, the Homer High School DDF — Drama, Debate and Forensics — team, coached by Amy Johnson, earned an impressive amount of awards.


Homer meet, Jan. 23-24:

Public forum debate, second place: Robert Hockema and Thomas Vanek

Expository speaking, third place: Lindsey Schneider

Expository speaking, fifth place: Nolan Bunting

Original oratory, third place: Robert Hockema

Pantomime, first place: Landon Bunting

Pantomime, third place: Evan Boyer and Zane Boyer

Solo acting, fifth place: Jonas Noomah

Domestic extemporaneous speaking, second place: Thomas Vanek

Foreign extemporaneous speaking, third place: Robert Hockema

Extemporaneous commentary, fourth place: Lindsey Schneider

Extemporaneous commentary, fifth place: Emily Coble

Dramatic interpretation, second place: Eryn Gillam

Dramatic interpretation, third place: Erin Farrel

Humorous interpretation, first place: Lindsey Schneider

Humorous interpretation, fourth place: Lauren Jones

Duo interpretation, first place: Evan Boyer and Jonas Noomah

Duet acting, second place: Lauren Jones and Zane Boyer

Duet acting, fourth place: Rachel Seneff and Chloe Pleznac

 Dimond meet, Jan. 30-31:

Public forum debate, third place: Robert Hockema and Lindsey Schneider 

Duo interpretation, first place: Jonas Noomah and Evan Boyer 

Pantomime, second place: Patrick Latimer, Landon Bunting, and August Kilcher

Pantomime, third place: Evan Boyer and Zane Boyer

Student congress, sixth place: Nolan Bunting

Domestic extemporaneous speaking, third place: Robert Hockema

Domestic extemporaneous speaking, sixth place: Patrick Latimer

Extemporaneous commentary, third place: Lindsey Schneider

Duet acting, second place: Evan Boyer and August Kilcher

Duet acting, third place: Zane Boyer and Lauren Jones

Duet acting, fifth place: Shenandoah Lush and Kimberly Bales

Original oratory, second place: Nolan Bunting