Democratic candidates way to go

I agree with Carrie Reed’s excellent letter of Aug. 7: Vote for Byron Mallott who worked successfully on financial affairs for the state of Alaska, including the permanent fund, for both Republican and Democratic governors. Today, Alaska has shortfalls in retirement funds and inadequately funds public schools and colleges. Unlike our current governor, Mallott’s top goal is excellence in education. Unlike our current governor, he supports vigorous prosecution of sexual assaults in the National Guard, and more Medicaid funding for poor people.  

 Two other letters to the editor on Aug. 7 favored voting for Joe Miller for senator because he is the most conservative candidate for U.S. Senate. I attended the debate between the three Republican candidates for U.S. Senate at Land’s End on July 15.  For the first time I experienced something new: I felt sorry for moderate Republicans. The audience cheered loudly for every criticism of President Obama and the federal government. All three candidates rushed to promise to overturn the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision, 1973, and Miller was the most strident.

 If you want a governor, lieutenant governor, a U.S. House representative, and a U.S. senator who support women’s rights, including the right to obtain contraceptives and abortions, it seems wise to vote for Democratic candidates.

Amy Bollenbach